Friday, December 7, 2012

Is it December??

I guess life with five kids and a dog finally caught up with me.....

the blog has been tapering off since summer time and the posts are fewer and fewer.

What's going on?

Well.....Michael is winding up soccer season and Isaac is winding up cross-country and it will be time for the youngest three to have a turn in the mom taxi to do something they enjoy.

(instead of just riding from practice to practice for their older brothers.)

The girls are hoping to do gymnastics and we may all head back to the pool with our friends at Tsunami Swim Club.  It's great exercise and I LOVE that all ages and skill levels practice at the same time and at the same place.  It's a mom's dream come true - for real.

We had some half days for parent / teacher conference and all the kids are making progress.
They all struggle in some area - but of course, that's normal and I am not so caught up in my own kids as to think they are prefect.  (PLEASE.....I'm so messed up, it's a miracle they are as normal as they are!)

We had Thanksgiving with our small group from church and a couple friends.  We had such a good time that I didn't even crack the camera out of the case.

For some cross country photos - click here.

And for soccer photos - click here.

And did you know I have a Christmas blog?

Just for Christmas..... I love Christmas!

I take 101 photos - so click here ---->  (*Christmas blog)
to see how successful I am at getting them actually LOADED!

Thanks for checking in!