Monday, September 24, 2012

Harvest Eagles Cross-Country

Way to go Eagles!


The team continues to run strong and will be finishing the season soon with an All-Island meet in a couple of weeks.  

A few more photos from last week. 
Harvest vs. Okkodo
Monday, September 17th

coming out of the jungle...
heading to the swamp's rainy season!

I just love this picture.....

final sprint

6th over-all - 5th in for Harvest

On Friday,  the team ran against George Washington High School.
You can see the newspaper report (if you hurry, I think it's only available for a week)
Isaac also had a soccer game - so I went to his game and Michael had to ride the school bus.
Sometimes as a mother of 5 - you just can't be everywhere at the same time no matter how hard you try.  

Photos of soccer coming soon!  

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Family visits!

Well....The Thornton tribe has lived on the ROCK since July of 2010 - a little over two years.

After our failed attempt at a MAC flight this summer - my mom caved in on her plan to NOT fly "all the way to Guam" and booked a ticket very shortly after we gave up our attempt and made my step-dad agree to tag along and pull her suitcase   visit the island rich with WWII history.

They left this morning after a two week stay.

I'm not sure they had a vacation really....with all the chaos that is the normal in our house,
but we did enjoy their visit and had a great time having them here.

A few snapshots:

For our first day, and tour around the base - I thought maybe they shouldn't feel so far from home.
So we went to Nap's....

Another day - Molly McGee's on base
for some Irish Pub Grub

  And then after they had a chance to catch up on sleep and get the island feel....

It was out to Jeff's Pirate Cove for some family
fun in the sun and a little FEISTA dinner,
Guam style.

Red rice and chicken kelaguen.

If you notice a theme here around food....



On the way to

Jeff's Pirate Cove,

we toured around the south side of the island,

I was totally stunned when my mom said she wanted to get on the carabao -

but she did, with the help of Big John at Fort Soledad.

We stopped at Inarajan Pools with a swimming break for the kids

(who were sick of the "history lesson")

Michael and Papaw solving the world's problems with a beautiful backdrop.

They also did some touring on their own while the kids were at school.
They saw three of Michael's cross-country meets and one of Isaac's soccer games.
My mom did a lot of dishes, laundry and homework help.

They are heading to Hawaii for a week before heading back to Alabama.
But the room is available for the next guests.....who's coming?

Monday, September 17, 2012

Cross-Country Catch-up

First meet: Harvest Christian Academy vs. Father Duenas  click here

Second meet: Harvest vs. Guam High  click here

and.....the next four - Harvest vs. St John's (forgot my camera)

Harvest vs. JFK - Back to School Night for the other kids - didn't get to go.

Harvest vs. Southern High

tying your shoes....very important

An area of the course that has been nicknamed, somewhat affectionately?  THE SWAMP
Hindsight is 20/20 - should have bought BLACK socks.......
see those new, white dry fit socks?

already went through the swamp here...
Lovely brown color to the socks.

Final sprint

Harvest vs. Southern Christian Academy

Final sprint

Coach and his cowbell....
He will be getting one for a coaches gift if I can find one on this island.....
He never leaves home without it!

So proud of Michael.  Most of the time, 9th graders on a high school team are there to learn, instead of really compete.
Michael has done well and helped his team with his speed and determination.  (and his long legs help too!)

Also proud of the team and coach -
They are a great group of kids and encourage and support one another well.  The team work pays off - the boys team is 6-0.
The coach is always positive with the team and prays with them before every meet.

We continue to be pleased with our decision to send Michael to high school at Harvest and are looking forward to the rest of the season.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Vacation Bible School 2012

I have fond memories of Vacation Bible School, or VBS as a kid.

And I have fond memories of helping with VBS as an adult at many locations that we have moved around to.....

This year was no different~!

Our theme was "HEROES" and the hype of modern day hero movies like the Avengers, Batman and more were tied in with Biblical heroes and "real" heroes like those that stand in the gap for others as Christ did for us.

I can't even begin to help you understand the energy these kids brought each and every day - but I think they had a great week!

A special THANK YOU to the mission team from Los Angeles that came and helped run our VBS this  year.  I had a great time getting to know the leaders and the youth that came.  Thanks to all the volunteers working with the kids and behind the scenes.  And of course, THANK YOU to those who brought their children to enjoy the week with us.  We certainly couldn't do it without the kids!!

Just a few photos from July that I missed getting posted before now.

Iron, Lion, Zion....or something like that!

Meeting a REAL hero from the Guam National Guard

showing me his MUSCLES!