Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Rainy Season

It's called rainy season for a reason....
                                                           Just sayin'  

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Harvest Cross Country

Michael's first high school cross country meet was the first Friday afternoon of school....

He had been practicing for a couple of weeks with the team, so they jumped right into the schedule.

They ran against Father Duenas.

I was hopeful that after 10 days of rain, it would be a dry day.
The sun had been shining all day - it was looking like a good day for a little race.

In fact, this is a snapshot I took when the team got off the bus at the school.

And THIS is the photo I took as the kids lined up to run.......

So much for a new pack of white socks and new running shoes.....

He finished 3 miles in 22 minutes......

Monday, August 27, 2012

Back to School

Michael started 9th grade a week before his siblings.
We decided to send him to Harvest for high school and we are happy with our decision.
He had a great first week and has already had his first cross country meet.

Isaac started 7th grade,
Zion 5th,
JJ, 3rd
and TC, 2nd
all back at McCool for another McCoolio year!

The girls have been with us now for 8 months -
our longest foster care placement thus far, and they feel like part of our family.
The kiddos certainly ACT like siblings!!
My mom and step-dad will be here next week, so they will get a taste of awesome grandparents for two weeks.

They have court on Friday, so please be in prayer for the judge to make a wise decision.
They have been in the system now for 16 months.  While I know that children spend years in the
system - it is our prayer that the girls will have something permanent to trust in and hold on to in the
coming months.

1 day down, 179 to go!

Happy School Year everyone!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Zion!!!

Michael and Isaac welcome the creme filling...
(only a few people will remember that)
August 2001

First sports season


Zion turns 5
August 2006

Christmas play - the little drummer boy

Hawaii - spring 2007

August 2007 - 6th birthday

Zion's baptism

Happy Birthday to my baby boy -
(I just can't believe you are 11, next year, we start counting your birthday's backward.)
I love you Zion!