Thursday, July 29, 2010

A boy and his dog

One of my biggest worries about the plane ride was Mia, Michael's dog.  

I have never traveled with a dog, but have seen people at the airport with them many times.  Waiting in line, just like us - with their dog peeking out of a crate. 

The arrangements had been made on the Guam side to pick Mia up from the airport and take her home.  We had crossed all our "t's" and dotted all our "i's"

Shots (check)

Health certificate (check)

Microchip number (check)

Airline approved dog crate (check)

(the list is longer,  I will spare you)

So we get to the airport, unload ......and drag bags, children, crate and dog inside.

A man comes over and says, "you can't bring a dog in here!"

I had a moment of panic, but replied, "She is traveling with us"

"But you have to check her over at CARGO, NOT HERE!"


Where is that?

Could someone have mentioned it before?

The panic rose up inside me........larger than life.

I told Michael to run outside and catch my friend Tricia. 
He did, barely, as she was pulling away from the curb. 

We loaded back, luggage, dog

I asked for a map. 

There wasn't one available, but directions were given.  (*poorly) 
Once by a security guard and once by a airline employee. 
They didn't seem to match. 

Please let us find this place!

It was not easy. 

I made several EARLY Sunday morning phone calls to the east coast trying to find someone who could GOOGLE the address I was given. 
(*good thing everyone was at church, the address was wrong anyway)

We basically just drove around until we found it........turning here and there and checking this street and that.

The people there were very nice.   But dropping Mia off was the straw that broke the camel's back.

I do cry.......  but usually take the high road in public and save the tears for the shower.

That tough plan didn't work out for me this time.

I lost it.

It was real - we are moving to Guam and I have to leave our dog at this warehouse full of strangers.

Mia was giving me the TRUE puppy dog's was terrible!!
By the time I got back to the van after dropping her off, I was a wreck.  And I still had 14+ hours of travel time to go. 

We did make it to the gate in time to watch them put her on the plane.  It helped some knowing that, at least, she was traveling with us.........even though we couldn't reassure her that we hadn't completely abandoned her.

To add to my stress - Mia had to spend the night in Hawaii due to some travel requirements for pets.

And another night on the Guam side - because our flight got in after the vet was off work for the day.

And then another, because it was Guam's Liberation Day, and the vet had taken the day off work.

We finally got her at 5pm on Thursday, and we were all happy to see that dog!

Especially Michael.

When we got back to the beach house, it was low tide. 

The boys walked way out,

and Mia, even though she HATES water, stayed with her boy.

I think she was happy to see us too!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

OOG.....Monday Mayhem

Only on Guam is the max. speed around the island 45 MPH for 1/2 mile, and then back down to 35.
Coming from San Diego,   I am not good at driving that slow.  I am going to have to get out the door sooner to get places on time.  (*we were late for VBS)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Stepping back before moving forward.........

I can't really talk about getting to Guam without first mentioning leaving San Diego.  Six years in one place is almost forever by military standards.  So many friends that we left behind from our church (Newbreak shoutout!)  and our neighborhood too.

The good thing is........we are taking all the memories with us!  

Thank you so much for being a part of our lives.  For investing time into our children.  I wish I could name everyone.......but there are so many, and we are thankful for each and every blessing.  Those last couple weeks of chaos especially. 

My brother, Derrick........thanks for coming out to help.  I love you! 

Eddie - Dan - Pop - taking down the tree house, Thank you.

Friends that showed up with coffee, or breakfast or Subway.... You ROCK!

Those that just stopped by to see if I needed anything...... your thoughtfulness is so special.

Those that helped organize our mess.........WOW!  Us ADHD types are VERY thankful for the OCD types in our lives!  :)

 those that helped clean the house after it was know who you are, (I did pass inspection)

Stoner bed and breakfast.......great place to stay!

My friend, Tricia, who took the Thornton clan +dog to the airport at the crack of dawn,
you are a priceless friend!

Last but not least..........for all the prayers offered up in our behalf.   

Thank you for going to the Father for us.  We appreciate prayers always!

You will forever be a part of our stay in touch!

Much love to all!

The adventure begins.........

In preparing to move to Guam, I found that I didn't pay attention much in high school history.

Not sure I would have been able to find it on a map a year ago before Mike came here,
or tell you anything about it (except that it was a a U.S. territory)

I also found out that I am not the only one.

Many people asked..........where IS Guam?'s in the Pacific Ocean.

WAY west of Hawaii  (*3797 miles)

North of Australia  (*2900 miles)

East of the Philippines (*1500)

South of Japan (*1600 miles)

Does that help? 
Yeah........I know,
 It's not close to anything.

It's a tiny dot in the ocean and a few hours flight to anything else.

What's the weather like?

Tropical / rain forest moist / rains almost daily / 80 degrees year around

Lots of WWII history

Beautiful beaches

and friendly people

It's also close to the international date, if you are reading from the states, it's tomorrow here.

If you can't do the math from your time zone,
 just google, "What time is it in Guam?"  and it will pop up. 

Technology is COOL!    With friends and family in every time zone in the's just easier.

The time change does make it difficult to keep in touch.  Thus, the OOG blog.

It's a common saying here, at least by the military.  I assume the locals are used to the way things are.

So..........might have a chance for a funny story or two that could happen, "OOG - only on Guam"

Stay tuned!