Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pagat Cave Hike

Another fun Thursday with the MWR Rec-n-Crew!

Thanks for the fun gang!

At the top of the sink hole that led to the discovery of the cave

The kids swimming inside the cave
Obviously, I needed more light than glow sticks!

It's Michael - can't you tell??!

These stones along the trail are from ancient Chamorro tribes.
They used the stones for grinding, and the number of depressions
in the stone indicate the wealth of  the family.

After climbing down into the cave, (and back out after a COLD swim), we continued on to the ocean

Zion (*the orange dot) climbing down the rock
(My mother will flip out when she sees this photo)

The Thornton / Blanton crew at the bottom

(*I took several photos trying to get all the kids to look)

 And our good friend, Steve - took the leap -

A great hike,
A great day
with great friends

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Birds and shoes

Guam has these crazy birds called, the Black Drongo.  (*you can read about them here)

And they look like this.

They make my running outside go from enjoyable to a paranoid sprint at times.

Wikipedia says they are aggressive. 

That's a mild statement.  

They are psycho birds. 
(*if you are old enough, yeah, like the movie)

But now that the boys are out of school - I hope to be logging more miles outside. (*before, I was running super early so I could get home in time to get everyone up and on the bus.  I am starting to hate running on a treadmill.)  

But what do to about those birds..........

It's only funny to watch someone else get dive-bombed. 
When it happens to you - you spend the next 1/2 mile having a conversation in your head about crazy birds.


My long term goal is 1000 miles in a year.  
And to keep track, I am going from birthday to birthday.
I still enjoy using the Nike+GPS to keep track of miles and pace.

In May, I logged 61.36 miles with an average pace of 11.42

June (so far) 71.00 (ave. pace of 10.29)

All total, I have run almost 300 miles since I started in March -  which means,
according to some runners.


I know a lot of women with a lot of shoes.

I have flip flops and running shoes........those are my go-to shoes for all occasions.

But new running shoes I am excited about!~

I will start to break them in as I say good-bye to my official, first pair as a runner.

Anyone up for the 1000 mile challenge? 
It sounds like a lot.
But seriously, it's only 2.8 miles per day. 
OR.......3.8 Monday-Friday.
You could walk it all in an hour a day. 

Come on!
I know you are out there.

Let's lace 'em up and get going!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dreamin' Big

Isn't that part of the fun of being a kid??

GO big or GO home!

The Navy Exchange always has cars for sale sitting out in front of it.

They are never locked, and they never seem to have a pushy salesman close-by.

The boys look in them every time we go!

Good luck guys!

Study hard and get a good job!

We aren't buying one of these!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ultimate Frisbee Fun

Ultimate frisbee has become one of Mike's favorite sports,

and the boys like it too!

Here are a few photos from a recent family friendly competitive game.



Friday, June 24, 2011

Sella Bay Boonie Stomp

The Rec-n-Crew Thursday morning Boonie Stomp was invaded this week by kids!

The first week out of school, and several kiddos were up at ready to go by "school time' at 8am.

Fun times!

Old Spanish Bridge

The view from the top of the hike

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Father's Day photos

Father's Day was not the most beautiful day we have had on Guam -
but, in between the rain showers,
we did have a good time.



Mike got a dive in - so, he was GOOD!

Sunday morning at church was the last time we saw the Gillam Girls.
A few last snapshots and a couple extra hugs and we parted ways without too much sadness,
knowing that we will stay in touch, and see each other again.

The plan?
Next summer - Disneyland and California Adventure!

Barb, Micki, Jodi and all the crew are invited too!  :)

Love you my friend!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Gillam Family Memories

I can't even start to recount all the good times with the Gillam family,
so I will just say,

You will be missed!

I won't lie - in gathering up these photos the last two weeks, I cried.
The cry that my friend Heather calls the "UGLY CRY"
Not just where tears come, but the kind of crying that comes with sound.

But on our last day together,
I will put on my big girl panties and smile.
That's how we Navy wives roll.

December 2009 - Maddy at  the beach house

Isaac, Maddy, Zion and Ellie - GabGab - December 2009

Ellie's birthday dinner - January 2010
(I don't know what Zion is doing)

Kevin bustin' a move with the coconut girl! 

Aggie girl at the beach house
July 2010

Mia - at the beach house - July 2010

Zion's 9th birthday - the Beach House - August 2010

Playing in the rain!
Ellie, Maddy, Isaac and Zy
Beach house

Imagination time at the Gillams

One of my favorite photos of Zion and Ellie

Maddy - at the park by the school

So pretty - I hope Kevin knows how to scare young boys

These two can't date anyone except each other
Sam and I already decided
You know, after college / university

Spanish Steps

TGIFridays - one of the very few pictures of the two photographers!

Christmas 2010 with Koko!!!
Ellie at our church - Bayview
Maddy at a swim meet
Sam and I love the motivational speech before the swim meets

Isaac, Zion, Ellie, Maddy - Halloween 2010

Zion, Maddy and Mike - diving for pennies
Ellie, Maddy and Isaac, base bowling alley
Ellie, Maddy and Zion before Camp Rock
Maddy and Zy: the waterfall at Tarza

Ellie, Zion (in back) Mike, Isaac and Maddy - peace underwater!
Sam's van with the "I love Guam" magnet
Gosh, this is almost my favorite picture
It's a private joke - and I'm laughing right now
Can you hear me Sam??

the ONLY picture of the whole gang
(except Aggie)
Christmas 2010

We Love you Gillams!

Mike, Melda, Michael, JC, Isaac, Zy and Mia