Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Thornton family - NOT bummer summer

If you know about JUDY MOODY books -
you may have seen the movie last summer titled:

Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer

I am not going to tell you to run right out and see the movie if you haven't -
it's cute,
but not great.

However,  I love the message of the movie (book!)

Judy Moody plans her entire summer vacation from school to be a totally rockin' awesome summer of fun.  She maps out tons of adventuresome things she can do to earn "Thrill Points" that will prove to her classmates when school resumes in the fall, that she had the best summer of all.

But, as you can guess,  her summer does not go as planned and she feels her life is doomed. 

The bottom line at the end of the movie is: 
The most important things in life are the people and relationships that we have,

not the STUFF that you do.

As we are waiting (12 days and counting)
for a MAC flight to my mom's house for the summer...
I don't want to get so caught up in what we "could be doing" that we miss out
on the here and now.  In between our trips
(four so far)
to the Andersen terminal -
I want to still be making memories with our friends here in Guam.

I created a re-cap of the Thornton Family's NOT bummer summer 2011!  

Last day of school with friends and no classwork!
Thrill points:  10
Robert, Jonah, Zion and Phillip
Having the best teacher EVER!
BONUS Thrill points: 10
Last day of school Pizza Hut lunch with the Gillam Girls
Thrill Points:10 
Being allowed to play Disney Monopoly at Pizza Hut
BONUS 10 Thrill points!

A great friend at a far away duty station
Thrill points:  10
A great church family to worship together with
BONUS 10 Thrill points!

Sunday afternoon fun at GabGab
Thrill points:  10

making great new friends - "The Blan Clan"
BONUS:  10 Thrill points

Awesome Guam Boonie Stompin' 
All summer long!
Total thrill points:  50

breath-taking sunrise and sunsets.... BONUS 10 points

Seeing the new Transformers movie on the big screen
Thrill points:  10
 Awesome 4th of July 
Thrill points: 10

Michael turns 14
Thrill points:  10
Rainy day inside fun:  
Thrill points:  10

Wii Dance off

NavFac Change of Command
Thrill points: 10

Welcoming friends from NMCB-5
BONUS:  10 points

Our first Liberation Day Parade!
Thrill points: 10

Tiny baby girl arrives at the Thornton casa
Thrill points:  10

PINK changing our lives forever
BONUS:  10 points

Is that?
Yes it is....
Guam has a Chuck E. Cheese
And no matter how much they "pretend" like they are too old for it....
They are gamers and have a great time.
Thrill points:  10

Zion turns 10
Thrill points: 10

Realizing he got an iPad
BONUS:  10 points

I'm not sure if blogger has a limit of how many photos you can upload....
I know, that was a lot - and I have more,
but they won't load.

We had a great summer last year and I know we will this year too.

Special shout out to our summer friends the "Double Dibbles" or the "Blan Clan"
as we often called them..... they were here visiting for the summer last year and 
we hung out with them a lot.  Our families meshed together well and it was great.

Here's to another NOT bummer summer 2012!