Thursday, March 29, 2012

Talofofo River Cruise

Thursday I tagged along with JJ's class on the Talofofo River Cruise field trip.

It's a great way to see a different part of the island and learn some history of the people of Guam.

The view of the ocean that feeds into the Talofofo River.

The bridge with the ocean on one side and the river on the other.

Our boat, the Proud Mary.

Our guide - who needs to learn some kid friendly jokes.....(*just sayin')

We stopped at this covered area to unload and walk around.

                                                          These ladies were show-casing weaving.

 This area was a village before WWII.
The water is fresh water from underground.
Since the river is fed from the ocean, 
it is salty.
  Pink ginger

                                         The indentations in the rocks are from grinding food.

                                                                                                                           A pumpkin plant....

 These are latte stones.
They were used to keep houses off the ground,
to protect them from flooding during the rainy season.
The taller the latte stones, the higher the status class of the family.

mouth of a cave - the Chief of the village lived here.
This is quartz in the side of the mountain.
                                                                                                                          Red ginger

Another latte stone

Coconut tree 

A fun morning away from the classroom, but still full of learning!!!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Pinterest - you are creating monsters!

Yes, it's true and you know who you are.

and I know too....

I wonder what the numbers are of people vs. pins vs. actual completed projects.
(*something like 1/500/1)

I tried to stay away, but it sucked me in.
(*just like Facebook -
I used to have a MySpace account, remember those?)

and I swore off joining another site -
for a while
and then,
I caved -
to the peer pressure.

(I have not caved into Twitter, and it's easy to say no to Linked-In cause I haven't worked in years!)
Isn't it a business network?

ANYWAY.... I am chasing rabbits.

So...I had an account first and then Mike started checking out my "stuff".
and for a few days....he was browsing around.

It didn't take him long at ALL to cave - like 3 days and now he is the junkie.

I mean, a daily junkie. thought it was me?

Mike and I both, well, struggle, in the organization department.
But I can throw things away better than he can.

His main obsession on Pinterest is "UpCycling".

You know, taking something old and making it new.

It has provoked him not only to KEEP EVERYTHING,
but he has made a few trips to the thrift store and come home with things
that I swear I donated ........

In the big scheme of things -
I don't care if he uses the stuff in a timely manner.
Timely might be the key.
We already have too much "stuff".
and since I am the one who mostly unpacks it when we move,

I have made a couple crafts from Pinterest.

and I made some tried a recipe for Pizza Rolls -
the taste was fine, but sure didn't look like the photo.
I had cheese and sauce cooking and dripping out the sides.

I made sheet music paper flower ornaments at Christmas...

I made a variation of THIS (*with some sewing help) and THIS for a baby shower.

I sort-of made this ....
but we melted rolos on top in the oven -
if you are a fan of salty and sweet, I highly recommend it.

I have saved jars for THIS...and hope to do them before Easter.

That's it.... 5 things,
out of 213 pins.  

Hmmm.....I might just be above average on this one!~

And then Mike made these chairs:
One for Isaac,
his birthday was in January.
and one for JJ
who was 8 in March.

This is the "before" chair

But he has collected more things .....

So let's here it,
Who has hit the "PIN IT" button??

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Swim meet

Mike was off island this week and when I can, I like to volunteer at the swim meet.

That usually means timing a lane.

And timing a lane means you can't really watch your own kids swim.

You have to pay attention to the swimmer in "your" lane.

There is not really a chance to take photos.

SO..... for the meet -
Isaac was in charge of the camera.

For those that have known Isaac for a while....
these photos will make you smile,
but probably, not surprise you.


tin roof canopy

tin roof detail



the book he took to read

detail of the camera bag 

and another....

this is the door to the little shed like thing where the pool supplies are kept (I think)

Panned out view of same shed - sometimes I wonder if someone lives there
(sometimes I hear a kid in there)

maybe someone does live there?   A mower? 

Hydrate or die!  

finally....a picture of a person 

how refreshing....

and this one is probably because my boy is "that age"....heaven help me!

Rice Night

On the first Wednesday night of Lent -
Mike had been thinking
and researching
and praying
about something to make an impact.

He started RICE NIGHT -

Every Wednesday night for dinner,
we have only rice.

Why rice?

Over 50% of the world depend on rice as their staple food.

In Asia, poor people spend at least 1/2 of their income on rice to survive.

Hunger affects the whole world.

On Rice Night - we read about a country in the book, "Window on the World"
and pray for the people of that country based on their needs outlined in the book.

Our goal is to help our children remember, weekly, that many people are hungry.

An added benefit is that it doesn't take long to prepare dinner,
(or clean it up) and we have time to talk about the country we read about.

Because rice is inexpensive (even for a family of seven)  we are saving money
on dinner - and we can use the money we save to give to others in need.

There are many variations on this idea that you could use in your family
or church group.   Please consider incorporating one of them into your life.

Here is another post with more information --->  click here.

For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat.
I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink.
I was sick and you looked after me.
I was in prison and you came to visit me.
Matthew 25:35-26

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

a little of this and that (*(okay a lot)

I have been posting about some things close to my heart lately,
and not so much about what's been going on home, personally.

So here is a quick photo dump to catch up the fam back in the states.

HONOR ROLL BOYS -  all three made the honor roll,
but Mike went to Isaac's assembly
because I was getting the oil changed or something crazy.
In my defense, the school doesn't really give you much head's up.
And in Mike defense, I am sure he took a photo,
but he is off-island, so I can't ask for it.

Elmo visits McCool and TC's class
Assembly about loving who you are,
Always be yourself!
A big lesson for foster kids who really struggle with all they are going through.

Michael and Isaac are in the beginner band at McCool and they had a field trip to the Guam Plaza Resort Hotel to practice with a guest conductor.  He was amazing with the kids and I hope they enjoyed (or at least understood) the honor of rehearsing with him.  

Michael had instrument malfunction
His reed is on with a red rubberband!

McCool director, Ms. Mansell

Guest conductor

In other news:
The adults in the family had Seabee Ball on March 17th.
The birthday of the Seabees, the Civil Engineer Corp and NavFac 
(Naval Facilities) all rolled into one big party.
And it was a good time.

Leading up to the event:
The third annual battle of Ultimate Frisbee -
the Junior Officers (01-03)  against the Senior Officers (04-06) 
The losing team leads the Seabee Hymn at the Seabee Ball.
You may be taller, but I'm faster....

So many captions I can think of for this....
that I"ll just let you use your imagination!

Is he trying to push me out of bounds?



Although the JO's won this year's battle, the overall record is 2-1 with the "old folks" in the lead.

The Seabee Ball was held at the Nikko again this year.
(for a recap of last year, click HERE)

I didn't take my camera because it's big and by the end of the night -
I am usually carrying my shoes, glasses, table centerpiece and hopefully, a door prize.

But you can find me "tagged" in several photos on Facebook if you want to check it out.

Special thanks to my mom - the shopper of all things fancy - because she knows me well,
and I would be at the ball in blue jeans without her.  She sent me two dresses this year that
she got on SUPER sale!! 
(although her best find in my years as a Navy wife was a little number that she paid $9.00 for)  

So I still have one in the closet for Navy Ball in November!