Saturday, April 27, 2013

High School Musical

The Guam GATE program combines several local high schools for a musical performance.

A couple of years ago, Zion and I went with the Gillam girls to see Camp Rock -

This year, the performance was HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL and the girls were THRILLED!

The cast did a great job and we are STILL listening to the sound track!  :)

Here are a few photos.

Get Your Head in the Game

The girls with TROY!!


Sharpay - Caroline Plummer from Guam High
(sorry your eyes were closed, it's the only photo I snapped)

Friday, April 26, 2013

Academic Fair

Every spring - the school has an Academic Fair to show case what the students have been doing.

The school cafeteria and the library are filled with samplings of work from all grades.

It is not a small event and the kids really enjoy showing their parents all their hard work.

Here are a few photos.   (*last year's Academic Fair here)

Zion's cereal box book report

JJ's poem and mask about her many colored days

living museum 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

some things are hard....

I would be lying if I pretended that everything is always great...
and only posted the sunny side of life.

Some hard things have happened recently -

Personally -
On Guam
and Nationally as well....

Our last court date did not go as we expected - and we will be saying good-bye to the girls when we leave Guam at the end of May.  We have enjoyed being their parents and to say that we will miss them is not enough.  They have certainly become part of our family.  Please pray with us that they will thrive
back home with their parents.

As a runner, the bombings at the Boston Marathon really hit me.
My work-out group did a WOD (that's work-out of the day) in honor of those families affected.
It was called, "Marathon Monday"  - and it was a TOUGH work-out.
But it was nothing compared to the training it takes to run 26.2 miles.

Thinking about these things and more reminded me of a man named Dick Hoyt.  His story is amazing.
If you haven't heard of him - here are a few links you can use to learn about him.

The Story of Team Hoyt

A moving video entitled, "CAN" 

On the days that I really felt down - 
I was reminded of this dad, 
and it motivated me to realize,
nothing is too hard.  


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Guam bucket list

With only a month to go -  we have just a couple things on the bucket list.

One of them was to visit Two Lover's Point.

(You can read the legend by clicking ---- >  here) we are!

random beach that we found just "driving around"  

LOVERS leaving their names on the wall

The idea of "hanging" over a high cliff
is not my favorite - so only Mike and Isaac
actually went to the "point" part....

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Robin Hood

During Spring Break - the Missoula Children's Theater came to Naval Base Guam.

Isaac, Zion and the girls went to the auditions.

Isaac decided to work as an assistant director
and Zion was cast as one of Sheriff of Nottingham's guards.

It's amazing what the kids can learn in only 4 days of rehearsals, and we enjoyed the show.

The Royal Guards


Assistant directors
(*they were in charge of scene changes and sound effects
and other "gopher" work)
The foresters 

He's not really shy this one....

Monday, April 15, 2013

Harvest 5K

Another family run - and this one - to benefit Michael's school.

The Harvest 5K

Michael and some of his classmates -

Jrisann had a great run!
She ran the first 2 miles without stopping,
and the last mile, up hill she did her best.
36 minute finish for a 9 year old...
not too shabby!

Thank you to my friend Sara and her family
They signed up and ran to benefit Michael's class

And Michael's class won the participation award!
They had the highest percentage of supporters at the race!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

PIC Guam - (part two)

I put up a few photos from the PIC in my post about running a half marathon...

(you can view them by clicking here)

If you are looking for a "STAY-cation" - here are some more photos of things to do at the hotel.

Kayak lake

room with a view

lu'au show stage

one of the MANY pools

GREEN tropical paradise!

Snorkeling pool

viewing windows in the snorkel pool

beautiful gardens and grounds (and Isaac too)

Mike and the girls after their snorkel 

Play area

keep up or jump in!

Tricia actually pulled this big kid off balance - it was excellent!

Isaac - sometimes, he's so 13!

Obstacle Course Area


It was a great weekend to have a good time -
and the bonus was that we didn't pay for it!