Sunday, April 29, 2012

Perimeter Run 2012

To read about last year's Perimeter Run - click HERE.

The Guam Perimeter Run is a 48.6 mile relay run around the southern perimeter of Guam.

If you think Guam looks small and tiny on a map - come out and run this race.

It gets SO MUCH BIGGER as the day goes on!

Christine Davis started a NavFac (Naval Facilities) team a couple of years ago.

I ran with her last year, and since she has left Guam - I took over this year as team captain.

We had three active-duty NavFac / CEC spouses and two returning runners from last year with a NavFac connection.  We added a friend each and made a team of ten.

It seems insane to get up at 2:30 am to run -
but the more you think about running in the heat, the earlier you are willing to get up and run.

There were 57 teams - so a little over 500 people at the start of the race - all wide awake and chatty.

The relationships built in the next seven hours are strong.

Encouraging each other.

Laughing together.

Sweating it up in the same car.

Looking for interesting places to use the bathroom.....

and more.

So proud to know each and every one of these beautiful and strong women!

Checking in for the start -315am - Girls Gotta Run - Team 627

8 of 10 about leg 4 - Audi was running and Jane met us later - about 5am

You drive yourself around to check points.
Early in the run - everyone gets out at each check point
As the day goes on - not quite as much excitement!  :)

My first leg was 3.5 miles as the sun came up - this is about 630am
Hand off to Jane at Pago River

Jane got the first really sunny leg - SORRY GIRL!
But she powered through it like the champ that she is.

Coming into Talofofo - Amanda powered past two men
This is when it becomes mind over matter
it's getting hot and endurance is the key.

Tricia handing off to Amber

Amber's second leg and she's still smiling!!!

Jane powering through her second leg
it was long and hot

Trying to find tiny pieces of shade

Erin to Jean (I think)

Jean powering up a hill
(past a dude that was walking)
Can I say it again?

Jean to Audi and another ugly hill to come
(about 10 miles to go here)

Tricia - also powering through an ugly leg

Amanda and Jaime pushed us with lots
of positive energy the last 10 miles.
They kept saying, "we gotta finish before 11:30"

Tricia to Amanda - the hills are over
The last two legs are powering through the heat
Amanda KILLED it!  

Amanda to Jaime

Jaime on the home stretch - SUPER WOMAN!

going into the home stretch together as a team!

Beautiful ladies and a beautiful view!

Great job - GIRLS GOTTA RUN!!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Meleah's visit and foster care update

It's been a while since I did a foster care update - and since at least 100 people have seen Meleah's picture - I thought an update was in order.

Long story - short.

Meleah is leaving the island of Guam - and we were offered the chance to see her again, and we took it.
We had her for about 24 hours (last Sat. afternoon to Sunday afternoon) and it's a moment in time that I wish I could freeze forever.

She has grown of course, but still the sweet, adorable little princess that we love and miss.

We took 101 photos and basically videoed all 24 hours....  and I won't subject you to all of that.
*just some of it)

Here are some of our favs.

This is the photo that I posted on FB
Zion was over the moon to see her

I can't believe she is pulling up and standing!

and those eyelashes....oh my heart!

Zion took most of the photos - so, a little bit of her head is chopped off,
but still the sweetest smile!

Again, I want to say thanks to everyone for your prayers.

She is happy and healthy and that is a blessing to me.

Even though it's hard to admit that she didn't remember us,

I am thankful that she has adjusted and is bonding to the

new people in her life.

The other girls - JJ and TC have been with us for four months now.

They are doing well and the boys and girls in this house,
TRULY act like brothers and sisters - oh my!

The move to the base school has been a challenge for them,
but it's good to see them grow academically.

They are learning to take pride in their work and we often talk about how working hard in school helps you get a better job and be able to take care of yourself and your family when you are older.  It may seem like a crazy thing to talk to a 6 and 8 year old about, but it's a totally different way of thinking for them.  And I hope the shift in thinking can help them long after they leave our home.

In other Guam foster care news:

Read this news article:

Please pray for these children.
I have seen them -
they are doing well in their new foster home -
but they need a lot of love!

There is still a great need for foster parents on Guam.
Please contact me if you have any questions about how to get involved in the foster care ministry.
You DO NOT have to be a foster parent to help!
Thank you!!!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Just about Guam

If you have stumbled on my blog while looking for information about Guam -
this blog will help you keep everything in one place.

My blog is really a personal way to keep in touch with friends and family in the states.

So much of what I write is not really related to Guam other than the fact that we live here.

However, listed below are links to the blogs I have written specific to the island Guam.

If you are military or Department of Defense and you have received orders to Guam,
feel free to contact me with questions and I'll do the best I can to get you the info. that you need.

Where is Guam?

Naval Base Guam information -
GabGab - Three-sided pool
Spanish Steps ( part one / part two)
Dog Park
Camp Covington - home of the Seabees 
Polaris Point 

WWII history:
Click HERE
and HERE 

WWII history on Saipan 

Our church:  Bayview Guam
Click here
or here

Out and About on Guam:
The Latte Stone 
The Micronesia Mall
Landmarks to know
Tarza Water Park and again here
Hard Rock Cafe - Guam
Chamorro Village 

Gef Pago one / two / three

Dolphin boats
Mt. LamLam
Pacific Islands University
Planet Hollywood
Liberation Day
Talofofo River Cruise

Boonie Stomps:

Melda Thornton

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spring break wrap-up

I am a few days behind in wrapping up our EPIC spring break events.

You know, fun is over and back to real life -

Sat. after the Harvest 5K the boys had some down time with
the Wii

and started watching this season of Survivor.
(it seemed the next logically step after a season of Fear Factor
and not nearly as GROSS!)

On Sat. evening we headed to the base theater to see a few friends
in the performance of Red Riding Hood by The Missoula Children's Theater.

Followed by a fun dinner at Molly McGee's with our dear friends,
the Cook family and the Scott family.

Sports Center for the boys.....

More than one way to get a bullseye!

Since the night was young - we had the dance floor to ourselves.

So we danced off a few calories before the song lyrics became inappropriate
and then we called it a night.

Sunday morning after church - we got the girls back.
It was great to see them after 9 days!
And I think they were happy to see us to.

Of course, the first question.....
"Where's dad?"

I guess they didn't realize or had forgotten that he was going to be gone all week.

We headed out to Chuck E. Cheese for the last event of our Epic Spring Break.
I have no photos because....well, if you've seen one Chuck E. Cheese,
you've seen 'em all right?

Mike's flight was delayed so I made all the kids to go to bed before he got home.
The boys were still awake when he got home about 9pm,
but the girls were crashed.

It was another successful Spring Break - although, hoping that next year we are all in one place!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring Break - day 6

Sat. morning we got up BRIGHT and early..

well, it wasn't bright, it was still dark.

We got up at 430am to run a 5K for Harvest.

We have a lot of friends at Harvest and we are involved with
their foster care ministry called HARVEST HOUSE.

Also, Michael will (probably) be going to high school there next year.

So all three boys and I got up,
got ready -
grabbed water and a granola bar and headed out.

Isaac found some friends from church


Michael and two buddies from Tsunami Swim Club
These guys are fast in the water AND ON LAND!!!  
Zion was a little under the weather,
but finished the race in good spirits! 

In addition to a T-shirt at the end of the race,
the boys always want to stay for door prizes.

They are certain we will win "the big one".

Of course, we put in our race bib numbers - but we also got extra raffle tickets for bringing shoes to donate to a Thailand mission trip coming up in a couple of weeks.   We put in four pairs of shoes, and got four tickets..... our numbers were 334, 335, 336, and 337.

They called 333 - gift certificates for free pizzas
They called 338 -                 ice cream
They called 339                   coffee shop
They called 341                   brunch for 2
They called 330                            

And then the grand prize -
Two $100 dollar vouchers for airline tickets from a travel agency








I didn't even see Zion twitch, but he was half way to the stage before I realized it was our number. figure out where 5 to 7 Thorntons could actually fly to for $200


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spring Break - Day five

The long awaited beach day at GabGab.

Beautiful ocean
perfect weather  (in the middle of April)
and of course, awesome friendships!

We were joined at the beach by:

The Jones family (minus 2)
The Elwell family
and the Immanuel family

It was a great day!

there was a training exercise going on when we got there

sweet x2

nature's wonder

the boys chatting it up

a group of the younger kids found a little cove to play in

as always, the surf board is a big hit

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring Break - Day four

Thursday -  divide and conquer

I tried to schedule a WWII sites tour with the National Parks Service,
but it just didn't work out.

Michael got invited to Tarza with friends -
and Zion had a special request for a Subway breakfast sandwich.

Even though we didn't know - Breakfast Subs are buy one get one free for the month of April -
IF you come in before 8am.

I don't think we have ever eaten ANYWHERE for $10.
Seriously - 4 bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches, plus the veggies.
Totally YUM!  and totally affordable.

One of Zion's friends spent the day with us and we also watched 4 yr old twins
for some friends from church.

We went to the park and had another good day at home.

The boys had swimming in the evening followed by another trip to YogurtLand.

Sorry - two days of no photos!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Epic Spring Break - Day 3

Today I don't feel like doing anything....

I just want to lay in my bed

(*well, from my English class memories, it should be lie in my bed....)

Anyway....all the words of this songs aren't really appropriate,
but my point is,
Wednesday was a lazy day.

We did a bit of chores in the morning to clean up from the sleep-over,
but mostly, the boys played Wii and sat around in their pajamas.

We didn't have church - so I offered to take them to the movies.
They just wanted to stay home -
so they ended up having a FEAR FACTOR episode marathon.

From snakes to bull testicles to eating scorpions - I was completely grossed out
and the boys were glued to the computer screen.
Clearly, God made men and women different.
I'm just not sure why lying (not laying) in a bed of snakes is cool.
The prize is $50,000 I think.....that's not enough money for me.

Sometimes no plan is a good plan.

Day 3 - success

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Epic Spring Break - Day two

The morning after....

.....the camp out event Monday night, I got up when I heard the first few boys coming in the house to the bathroom  (they are civilized like that - instead of using the nearest tree)

I preheated the oven and began arranging Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls on the largest cookie sheet I own.

I made 48 - 

they were gone in minutes.

Along with a gallon of milk and juice,
some yogurt
and oranges.
I love having boys in my house.
They make an easy breakfast seem like the best food ever.
It's good for simple cooks like me to have boys.

Then the Wii battles and other gaming began.

Gamers "A" and "B" in the background

Yes, we have two TV's within 6 feet of each other....
and this is all they get used for.
Large numbers of kids playing Wii.
We don't have cable and we very rarely even watch a movie!

The boys were picked up in different stages with the neighborhood crew
heading home a little bit after lunch.

We had a little down time before heading out to swimming.
(*yes, I still made my kids go to swim practice)

But a trip to YogurtLand afterwards makes it worth it.