Thursday, July 26, 2012

meanwhile.....on Guam

We jumped back into being on Guam with both feet and have been busy with friends.

Enjoying pool time and beach time and BIRTHDAY fun!

TC was 7 last Thursday and after summer school she picked Chili's for her family lunch date.

Of course, she is our social one - so she told everyone that it was her birthday and watched the kitchen through our entire meal for the employees to come out singing and clapping.
(and then pretended to be embarrassed!)

We postponed the birthday dinner with friends until Friday night and grilled burgers and hotdogs and played in the sprinkler.

Since I can't post photos of the girls - here is one of the photo bomber, ZION!

The next morning was Liberation Day.  Although my experience is limited - I would say it's the biggest event on Guam.  It is the day that the island of Guam was liberated from the rule of the Japanese during WWII.

(*Last year's Liberation Day post can be found here and here)

God Bless America!

Thankfully, we had just pulled this movie out and watch it.
Yes, the ORIGINAL!  

Local entries 
from the different islands around Guam.

this is not a good shot - but it was a girl
in a bird costume on a man's shoulders

made from coconut shells!

Military representatives

The floats that squirt water are very popular!
(It's so hot!)

It's my understanding that the Red Horse Battalion
is similar to the Seabees.

the kids scrambling for candy.....

What a surprise!
They were throwing FRUIT!
This is called a Star Apple
or Star fruit

NavFac and some of the wardroom kiddos!

The last float is always the Liberation Queen

As I stood in the heat and watched the parade,
my mind wandered back 68 years.

I could only try to imagine myself as a 18 year old boy -

who had just graduated high school a little over a month ago....

eager to join the Marines and help my country.

I don't think anyone can prepare themselves for the realities of war.

To be riding in a boat up to the shores of Guam -

bullets and bombs dropping into the water around you

the heat and the humidity;

 dressed in full battle gear

expected to charge up the beach and into the jungle in completely unfamiliar territory

the underdog

on the low ground

with your enemy above you - on high ground and familiar with their surroundings.

I am in awe of this kind of courage -

I don't possess it.

Thank you to our military past and present for your sacrifices
and the courage and willingness to sacrifice on my behalf.

I am grateful.  

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