Wednesday, January 30, 2013

2013 - Moving Forward

Once I got behind on the blog - it was overwhelming to try and catch up.

Cause I have this thing in my head that it all needs to be chronological,  you know.

And so I had several stories that started in my head,
and made their way to partial print....
sitting in the "draft" folder.
But they never got finished.

So today, I decided,
I'm over that.... it's a new year.
You just aren't going to know those stories.  OK??

I gotta move on.

Here's some ways I'm trying.

Today, January 30th is the one year mark since sweet angel baby left our home.
I've thought about her a lot this week.
I still miss her.
I would still take her back.
But I am happy that she is safe where she is.
That she is loved.
That she is wanted.

A lot of foster kids don't go back to those kind of places, so I am thankful for that.

Another way to move on, that we are leaving Guam in May.

I need a whole Jerry Springer mini-series for our last three years on Guam.
The ups and downs and ends and outs of foster care -
but then, there is the blog, so maybe I'll get to that.

Moving on....

Call me shallow
or lame

But one of my goals of the New Year was to catch up the laundry.
Whatever your opinion is about that,
keep it to yourself.

7 people live here
and a dog;
and it's hot,
year around;
and the kids play sports,
and I run
and there is none of wearing something twice
you sweat,
you stink,
the clothes need to be washed

Anywho....I did it.
I got it all caught up,
including clean sheets on everyone's bed.

I matched the giant basket full of socks
And threw away the rest
(my mom would be so proud, she spent 2 weeks here trying to find sock matches,
I think she was ready to go out and just buy new socks for everyone.)

So, I'm keeping up with the laundry and not letting the pile get "too big".


I have got to stay home more.

See, honestly, after Meleah left, staying home was NOT healthy for me -
I was a wreck.
so when the kids were at school,
I stayed out of the house.

And it looks like it.

BUT....we are moving to Virginia and there has to be some organization done around here before the movers come in.  Otherwise, the chaos gets moved.  That can't be good.

Along the lines of moving:

Foster Care update - the girls that we have in our home have lived with us for 13 months.
Their situation was supposed to be temporary.
Clearly, not.
We have another court date at the end of March which may, (or may not) provide us with guardianship.
If it is granted, we will be moving to Virginia with five kids.  It still overwhelms me a little to say,
"I have five kids".    I can't explain the ball of emotions over the last year.  Foster care is a mixed bag.
I would never lie to someone considering foster care and say, "YOU WILL LOVE IT!"

There are blessings in the storm - always, 
but it's still a storm.

And last but not least:

I ordered Christmas cards with an online coupon on Black Friday.
Yes, the Friday after Thanksgiving.

They still haven't come.

I kept thinking EVENTUALLY.... but still no.  And Friday is Feb.
So now, if they come....that's just TOTALLY wrong to mail them.

That's my OOG for the YEAR - no Christmas cards.  GASP!!

I love getting Christmas cards - so don't scratch me off your list because you didn't get one.

*(I did get a refund from the company)

That's all the random in my head.

Melda out....

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  1. Melda, not to worry, no one is perfect! I am bad at reading blogs regularly.
    How old are the girls?
    Here is what I really want to know-did you just love Guam??? We so loved it...