Friday, July 23, 2010

The adventure begins.........

In preparing to move to Guam, I found that I didn't pay attention much in high school history.

Not sure I would have been able to find it on a map a year ago before Mike came here,
or tell you anything about it (except that it was a a U.S. territory)

I also found out that I am not the only one.

Many people asked..........where IS Guam?'s in the Pacific Ocean.

WAY west of Hawaii  (*3797 miles)

North of Australia  (*2900 miles)

East of the Philippines (*1500)

South of Japan (*1600 miles)

Does that help? 
Yeah........I know,
 It's not close to anything.

It's a tiny dot in the ocean and a few hours flight to anything else.

What's the weather like?

Tropical / rain forest moist / rains almost daily / 80 degrees year around

Lots of WWII history

Beautiful beaches

and friendly people

It's also close to the international date, if you are reading from the states, it's tomorrow here.

If you can't do the math from your time zone,
 just google, "What time is it in Guam?"  and it will pop up. 

Technology is COOL!    With friends and family in every time zone in the's just easier.

The time change does make it difficult to keep in touch.  Thus, the OOG blog.

It's a common saying here, at least by the military.  I assume the locals are used to the way things are.

So..........might have a chance for a funny story or two that could happen, "OOG - only on Guam"

Stay tuned!


  1. We are excited to hear your stories, I am sure they will be awesome!!! ~SZ

  2. I'm excited about the new blog! OOG reminds me of TIA (This IS Africa...)Can't wait for the stories. Miss you and love you friend!