Friday, July 23, 2010

Stepping back before moving forward.........

I can't really talk about getting to Guam without first mentioning leaving San Diego.  Six years in one place is almost forever by military standards.  So many friends that we left behind from our church (Newbreak shoutout!)  and our neighborhood too.

The good thing is........we are taking all the memories with us!  

Thank you so much for being a part of our lives.  For investing time into our children.  I wish I could name everyone.......but there are so many, and we are thankful for each and every blessing.  Those last couple weeks of chaos especially. 

My brother, Derrick........thanks for coming out to help.  I love you! 

Eddie - Dan - Pop - taking down the tree house, Thank you.

Friends that showed up with coffee, or breakfast or Subway.... You ROCK!

Those that just stopped by to see if I needed anything...... your thoughtfulness is so special.

Those that helped organize our mess.........WOW!  Us ADHD types are VERY thankful for the OCD types in our lives!  :)

 those that helped clean the house after it was know who you are, (I did pass inspection)

Stoner bed and breakfast.......great place to stay!

My friend, Tricia, who took the Thornton clan +dog to the airport at the crack of dawn,
you are a priceless friend!

Last but not least..........for all the prayers offered up in our behalf.   

Thank you for going to the Father for us.  We appreciate prayers always!

You will forever be a part of our stay in touch!

Much love to all!

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