Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tsunami - the rest of the story

In the military, we have regular gatherings called a, "Hail and Farewell"

Typically,  most jobs in the CEC (Civil Engineer Corp) are only two year jobs.

So at any given time, you have someone new to welcome (hail) and someone leaving (farewell)

They usually involve food and drink, and gifts and sometimes some good natured jokes and stories about the folks leaving.

Remember our super cool camping spot?

Nice right?

This is GabGab beach.

The location of our Hail and Farewell on Friday afternoon.

Burgers and dogs are on the grill.

Guys are playing volleyball.

Kids are playing in the sand and water.

The Police pull in - lights'a flashing

I noticed it, kept talking (not surprising right?)

The guy says there is a Tsunami Warning and the beach is being evacuated.

There was some chit chat in the crowd of folks and I heard someone say, "It's a joke"

I kept talking.

More Police cars arrive.

The skipper makes an annoucement that our party will have to be moved to higher ground.

STINK..........I guess it's not a joke! 

OPPS!!  I admit it.........I never listen to the news.

Even in the car, my tunes are "newsfree" using my iPod.

I am thankful for the police and the work they do for all us "non-news" people!! 
(and there were a LOT of us at the beach yesterday afternoon)

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