Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Earth Day 2012

Now I know what you are thinking.....

Earth Day is in April knucklehead!

I know,
I know....

The kids celebrated at school and came home all full of ideas....
and seed packets!

They wanted to plant them right away.

But having the foster children visiting their family every weekend makes it SUPER hard to do anything "extra" during the weekdays with homework, sports and the time it takes to get five kids showered and ready for bed each night.  (I mean seriously, longer than you think!)

So.... it was a while before we had a chance to do something about this......

This is the flower bed....full of grass and weeds - it's hard to tell where the yard stops and the flower bed begins, (except for the faint little brown border).

the weeds take over quickly in a place like Guam where the humidity is perfect for seed germination every day and it is also rainy season.

So.....after a trip to the store for fresh dirt;
some hot, sweaty kids;
And a bag full mountain of weeds.

Our flower bed looked like this.....

And now, about 2 months later it looks like THIS!

Oh yeah, no....I didn't insert the wrong photo.
Nothing grew...

Well, that's not ENTIRELY true.

Nothing that WE planted grew.....


Does anyone remember THIS guy??

When he fell over completely rotten -

I refused to touch him.

And don't judge me!

This was November 1st.

I am NOT making that up!

That's how humid it is here.

Anyway....apparently we didn't completely get all his seeds out of his uh...stomach?

And apparently, the seeds liked the fresh, new dirt we bought.

So here are our pumpkin plants!

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