Monday, June 4, 2012

blog / foster care and running updates.....

I struggle (always) between what I think is the right balance of "me" time and stuff I should do.




Volunteering at the school


I had a friend (who homeschools) tell me that her son wondered aloud,
"What does Ms. Melda do ALL DAY while the kids are at school?"

And the comment, "how do you have time to run so much with five kids?"

(I don't really think I run "SO MUCH")  but I do it early, while the kids are still sleeping.

And also, regular readers know that silence also means I'm processing something.
So the blog suffers.

The bottom line with my struggle is:
I have been struggling looking at the world through God's eyes, and not my "American" eyes.
How do I do that?
How do I LEARN to do that well?
I'm open here for discussion.

In the meantime, here are the updates:

The blog will be taking a summer break for the most part.
We are hoping to catch a MAC flight to the states for most of the summer.
I hope that the down time at Grandma's house, with a pool in the backyard
and an endless supply of sweet tea will be good for all of us.

Of course, Mike can't take the summer he and Mia, (the dog) will be here in Guam.

Foster Care - we did get to see our sweet girl Meleah one more time before she left Guam.
She was standing alone about two weeks ago and may be taking a few steps by now.
She is 10 1/2 months old.
And I still miss her sweet face every day.

She loves Isaac

He loves her!

Is that adorable or what?

more kisses!  SMACK!  so cute!

Standing alone

Still likes to play peek-a-boo

Our other foster girls are finishing up the school year with the boys.  Our next court date is June 22nd.  It will be recommended to the judge that they return home.  We have our own opinions, which I can't really share on the blog, but we have them signed up for Summer Camp on base in case they don't.
The boys and I will still try to take a MAC flight - and the girls will go to camp while Mike is at work.

Please pray about this - it's not the most ideal situation, but we have been requesting permission to get them passports since they came to us in December.  In fact, we told social services before we even took the girls that we were going home for the summer and would be happy to take them with us.  We aren't given a good reason why they can't's frustrating.

The running bug is becoming a little contagious.

The whole family did two 5K's in the last month.
The Drongo 5K and the Navy Ball 5K.
They were both on base and all seven Thornton family members participated.

Zion with the Cook kids who all placed -
We got rained on - they weren't actually THIS sweaty!

2nd place in the "Master Division"
(that's the 40's group)

Michael was 1st place in his age group

Mike ran with the girls - who run / walk, 
but did much better on the second 5K run than the first.

They were more excited and less whiney -
and actually ran a pretty good bit of this one.

Additionally,  Michael participated in a Sprint Triathlon 
with two friends - he swam, one biked and one ran.

I'm not sure if he likes swimming or running better,
but when I asked him if we wanted to do the entire tri
next time (swim 1000 meters, bike 10K and run 5K)
he didn't hesitate to say no!  :)

Here are those photos.

Thankful he had on his yellow swim cap from his cousin Trey's swim team.   I could keep an eye on him for the whole swim.

Obviously, Michael can swim.
But it was a longer distance, and in the ocean....

So I had to try hard to stay calm and not freak out.

Sure, he's 6'1 and will be driving a car in a year,
but he's still my baby.

He did great!

The first kid out of the water and about 8th out of the water overall.

Here are my running stats:

23 runs with a total of 117.26 miles
with an average pace of 9'43 per mile

21 runs for a total of 98.88 miles
with an average pace of 10'08 per mile

I ran a little less and a little slower in May due to a dental surgery followed by a cold,
but hoping to run my first 15K this weekend even though I haven't trained well for it.
(*it's 9.3 miles)  The positive side of that is that my next 15K will be a better time!  HA!

Mike got me the NikeGPS watch for my birthday - so I can track my runs while I am home this summer.

Stay tuned for all the end of the year school activities, and then.....SUMMER BREAK!  

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