Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Perimeter Run 2013

I have a soft spot in my heart for the Guam Running Club's Perimeter Run.

It was officially my first race, two years ago.... when I had just begun my running adventure.

Two years later and over 1700 miles logged around Guam - 
it was bittersweet to run in my last Perimeter Relay.

Here are the post from  2011 and  2012.

The race is a relay team of 10 people -
total mileage 48.6 miles
It starts at 4am 

Checking in at o'dark thirty...(3:30am)

Here it is.... 48.6 miles

There are two special ladies that I have run with all three years.  
Amber San Gil and Jean Santos.  

Amber, Jean and Audi
Audi joined our team last year - so this was my second year to run with her.
As well as my great friends (*and great runners), Emily Cook and Amanda Garcia.


We made great time before the sun came up
(*exchange points)
beautiful sunrise
Holly coming in from leg 7 as the sun comes up
Talofolo Bay

We ran in honor of a military wife named Becky
who had signed up to run the entire race alone,
but was unable to do so.
(*48.6 miles SOLO - amazing right!?)

Emily to Samantha in Talofofo

Sam to Amber

Riding the Taco Wagon

Some fun on the route....
Diane, Sam and Mary

Amber to Diane

Diane finishing strong in Inarajan


have loved getting to know this lady!

Diane, Amanda and Mary - SOLE SISTERS!  

Melda to Emily

Audi to Mary

Leg 19 - almost there!
me and Amanda

Diane kicks out leg 20 into the finish

The whole team of 10 bringing it in to the finish
Total time 6 hours and 10 minutes

and one more hand stand - 'cause WHY NOT??  


  1. I Luv it!!! **Tears**at the start of reading:(.. I will definitely miss being in ur team! U r an amazing & wonderful woman & team captain! Good luck to ur family on there journey ahead & whenever back on Guam we shall connect once again. Thanks Melda!!! Keep in Touch:) Jean