Sunday, May 19, 2013

Running.... again? (STILL!)

It's that time again..... DRONGO season!

See my previous post about those crazy birds ---  here 

Gearing up for my 4th (and last) half marathon on Guam on Sat. May 25th.

Ramping my mileage back up and cross training as well.

Lots of things lately have been my "last" - it's so bittersweet.

My last Perimeter Run -  click here.

A Mother's Day Run

And a beautiful Guam Sunday morning

Fundraiser for Boston - my last 5K

Zion got up and ran with me
5K's on Guam start EARLY to beat the heat
So it's a bit of a sacrifice to be a runner on Guam
(we got up at 4:30)

  Zion PR'd!!!!!!

the crew

and something that I hope become tradition
a post run handstand with my girls Nicole and Daniela!  :)

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