Wednesday, December 8, 2010

BIG changes

I think I have mentioned that I take a while to process things from time to time.

It's tricky for me - cause I have things churning around in my head that I think about,
but I have this crazy idea that I need to figure it all out before I talk about it.

My friend, Heather Hendrick is great at putting her feelings right on out there..........
for the world to see
all raw and sometimes ugly
I think she's cool for doing it
I'm still too worried that someone will think I have lost my mind
(which is crazy, cause some people think that anyway)

SO...........usually, I have one good friend that I bounce things around with.
crazy thoughts
insane ideas
fits of rage
ugly, mean things
and then acceptance into the path that I am moving in

In San Diego, that person was my sista from another mista Angel Stoner

Angel would:
give advice if needed
tell me I was right, if needed
tell me I was wrong, if needed
or just listen

Since moving to Guam - poor Sam has got the ear-full
no transition time..........just WHAM!
this is where I am at
and it has NOT been pretty

The big change has been coming since the earthquake in Haiti on January 12th, 2010

I felt like I wasn't doing what I had been called to do

I have always had a passion and a heart for adoption

for children

I always thought that "one day" Mike and I might end up in Haiti with a big house full of extra kids

It made me furious to have to move to Guam -
because I was getting farther away from Haiti, where I was supposed to be.

Then I started this bible study (click to watch)

What if..........

my plan is not God's plan?

What if.........

he called me to do something,
and I didn't do it
because it wasn't in the right place according to my ideas?

What if.........

God wants Mike and I to care for children HERE
in Guam?

If you feel like you know what God wants you to do
but the details aren't working out
If you can't understand why it is taking so long
for everything to come together
I encourage you to order this Bible Study

Ask someone to do it with you
to hold you accountable
to ask you the hard questions
and then spend time in prayer

Mike and I are starting the paperwork to become foster parents here on Guam.
We ask for your prayers
Doing what God wants us to do
is not always easy
But it's always right

Please pray that we can show God's love,
in a real and practical way,
to a child (or children)
that need to feel his love so desperately

to children that have never been loved
in the way that God intended

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