Thursday, December 16, 2010


The saying goes,

"A picture is worth 1000 words"

I hate that saying.

These pictures don't mean that much to you.

Christmas cookies.

Yeah........they are everywhere.

but for me, the memories that flood my mind are priceless.

You see, my mom gave me these cookie cutters., (well, the yellowish ones)

My mom and my Granny used to make TONS of Christmas cookies.

I am can't imagine it.

I wish I had photos.

When I think back and try to remember the details, I guess I don't know them all.

But my guess is that my grandmother started in the early morning making sugar cookie dough to chill while my mom got us ready for school and out the door on the bus.  And I suppose that by the time we got off the bus at my Granny's house in the afternoon, that they had been NON-STOP rolling and cutting and baking for about seven hours. 

My grandparents had a long table that I think my grandfather built. 

They had five children, so it was a big table.........I think it sat at least 12.

The table would be FULL of cookies.  I think my Granny did most of the rolling and baking and my mom did the decorating.  She had all those special tips and such. 

There would be wreaths with green leaves and red cinnamon drops for the berries.

The horse above would have silver candy bells on his harness.

The Santa had a red hat, a white beard, and blue eyes.

I was telling Zion about all the cookies as we looked at the cutters.

He was all excited about the story and said he wish he could have been there.

So do I.

The one thing I would change about Navy life is the lack of time my children get with their grandparents.
I miss the big family gatherings and the multi-generational wisdom that comes from daily life with those who have already walked that road ahead of us.  I wish my kids best friends were their cousins, like mine were.

And I wish my mom was here to help with these cookies!

(mine need her special touch for SURE!)


  1. Melda, those pictures are worth a thousand words to me. We have some of those same cutters (the yellowish ones). They are almost impossible to use! I also remember your Mom's Christmas cookies at Grandma Duke gatherings years and years ago! I always wanted the reindeer with the silver balls for bells. I probably ate 50 of those little silver balls, only to find out years later you weren't suppose to eat them! I may still have silver balls in my belly! Ha! Ha! Sweet pictures and sweet memories! Merry Christmas!

  2. Melda - I have tears.

    I too remember your Mom's pretty cookies at Grandma Dukes on Christmas! I am going to post my favorite cookie picture, it is Kaden with Mother passed away.

    You really should write a book!