Thursday, December 30, 2010

preparing for the birthday boy

On Thursday night, Mike took Michael and Zion to swimming and I stayed home with Isaac.  He is having a couple of friends over on Friday night to help him celebrate his birthday.

He has a hard time deciding what he wants to do, always.

And an even harder time getting it done.

But my crazy friend, Heather Hendrick, (who also has only boys) posted a blog at least a year ago about a book called, "The Dangerous Book for Boys"

And then, my mother in law bought it for my children.

So Isaac has decided that after they wake up and have breakfast on Saturday,
when he is the ripe old age of 11........
they will do some experiments.

I hope Heather and my MIL will enjoy seeing us on the news next week. 
We will be floating in Mike's sailboat with Guam burning in the background.  

This is the list of SUPPLIES I found
along with the Dangerous Book for Boys on the counter

safty goggles   (that's a red flag already isn't it?!)


oil (any kind)


oil lotion  (I think this means baby oil for some reason)

flash paper



any meatle avalible

steel wool

aluminum dust / sand

wax and baking soda

sulfer, charcoal and potassium nitrate

mentos and soda and dry ice

(how can my child spell potassium nitrate and not metal?)

ANYWAY.........stay tuned!