Saturday, January 29, 2011

Busy Friday

Our weekend started on Friday.

The boys were out of school and Mike took the day off.   There were a few errands to run but by early afternoon, Mike, Michael and Isaac were gearing up for a game of paintball. 

It was a wardroom affair,  (*that's military speak for:  all the guys Mike works with left work early to go and have some male bonding time.........)

They had a great time! 
Zion and I had a date, so he wouldn't feel too left out of the paintball adventure.
He picked Chuck E. Cheese (not to eat, just to play games!)
It is brand new, clean and huge, so I agreed to go.

He had a blast playing H2Overdrive!  

We met up back home for "Make Your Own Pizza Night"

and we had an extra guest.

Some friends of ours had a date night and we watched their daughter.

She is the "Princess" of the Thornton house
and "Uncle Mike" is right around that little finger.

Of course, Isaac and Zion think she is pretty adorable as well,
 and are hoping for a "little sister"just like her.

And I agree with them!

A great Friday!

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