Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Well - if you read about the NEW NORMAL - you know what's been going on here.......


6 weeks 
Meleah is 6 weeks old now and the boys are back in school
and although I would really love to lay on the couch and hold the baby all day - 
it's just not practical.

So - we begin the process of getting into a routine, a schedule.

Not something I am good at, or disciplined to, but important nonetheless.

Not to bore you with all the details - 
all the parents out there have heard of it all from Baby Wise
to the Family Bed and everything in between.

So we are making an attempt to eat / play / sleep on a rotating 3 hour schedule without letting Meleah scream for hours, 
I don't care if you did it and it worked for you.  
I would rather spend 10 minutes holding a crying baby than give myself an ulcer listening to them scream for 30.......  
don't "tsk" at me - 
I just can't do it.

In between, I am making an attempt to keep up with dishes, laundry and the household chores in general.
(as the baby is sleeping now in her bed  ....and I am sitting at the computer, 
I would say, I need more discipline than she does)

Michael and Isaac have joined the CDR William McCool Middle School Cross-Country Team
(I know, the name of the school is a mouth-ful!)  
and their first meet is on September 15th.
(*pictures coming soon)

Zion is still swimming - although, honestly, he wants to quit. 
He has been at it for a year now, which is a long time for a Thornton to stick with something.
Especially one with my genes.
(*I have about 10 things started and nothing finished at any given time.)
The added downside to this swim season is that the ONLY public pool on the island of Guam is
in ill-repair and the funding to fix it does not exist.  So....no place to hold a swim meet.

........will there be a swim season this year?  
We don't know......
but I am trying to encourage Zion to stick it out anyway.

(*as a sidenote:  he still loves being a big brother,
and is always eager and willing to help ---- >   )

In other news,
Our foster son, JC - has moved. 
Last Friday was his last day with us.
I was hoping to hear from him - but not yet.
It's kinda strange around here without him......
but we hope to see him again soon.

The process of changing his room into a baby room is moving slowly.
Mostly, just a place to pile baby clothes and an extra bed to sleep in,
so Mike can get enough sleep to work the next day in a normal capacity.

That's about all I got for a update.......although, I admit, not really that exciting.

I hope everyone is moving into fall season back home,
and those down south are enjoying some changing leaves and some good football weather.  

And really, someone come visit us.  
I know it's a long plane ride........
But, I got here on it, so you can do it too.

PS....Mia, (the dog) is doing great with Meleah (the baby)

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  1. I could have written this post myself (well, the part about adjusting to a new babe.) I have completely lost the little bit of self-discipline I used to have and can't seem to find it anywhere!! Which is why I am sitting here reading your blog while Sawyer watches her post nap Barney and Nash is sleeping in his swing-- I NEED to do laundry, dishes, sweep, and on and on and on. Yet, I sit here. :) Wish we lived closer so we could be productive together!!

    P.S. I can't convince Sawyer that the pictures of Meleah are not Nash. We have been going back and forth for several minutes now, haha.