Friday, September 23, 2011

Seahawks Cross Country 9-22-11

Second cross-country meet was a  "MUD-RUN"

Bound to happen in Guam.

It rained most of Wednesday night and into Thursday morning.

It was raining when the boys started running, but they finished up without being poured on.
(although, of course, they were already soaked)

Michael kicked it coming into the home stretch
we made a joke about the blue #455 looking at Michael's feet saying,
"I'll never keep up with this guy" 

Michael getting a nose ahead here,
did in fact pass him and come in milli-seconds before

Isaac sprinting through the home stretch

The boys team finished strong with 4 of the top 5 times coming from Seahawks.

Michael improved his time.
Last week:  12:17
This week: 12:04

If you don't want to do the math, that's an 8 minute mile for a 1.6 mile course.
If you run, you know that's decent.
My pace (on a good day) is a 10 minute mile.

This week,  I took some video.
I strongly encourage you to mute the volume on your computer,
because, as always, I was screaming.
I love sports,
really....I know, that's a rare thing for a woman to say,
but I really do!

THEN, add to it that it's my babies....and I am a freak show for an ESPN highlight reel!!
(*and I was keeping it calm because I knew it would be on the video)


If you don't take my advice, and you do "listen"
I want to explain that Michael's shoe was untied.
Hence my comment about his shoes.

I am really proud of Isaac for doing cross-country.
He is not the natural athlete that Michael is,
and being "little brother" and following those footsteps is always hard.
He finished strong and didn't quit  (there were some kids who dropped out of the race)

Isaac coming into the home stretch.....

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