Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Meleah - two months

If you are behind the news on the baby girl in our home,
here are the links if you want to catch up.

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4 days old
2 months old

Two month update   

This month Meleah really started developing her personality.

She is smiling at us and making baby sounds.

She is spending more time looking around as her vision improves.

She is crying real tears (so sad) mostly in the car.
She is not a big fan of her car seat.
And not a big fan of the swing either.

She loves laying under her activity mat and kicking her feet at the toys.

She will take a paci - but she really, really wants to suck her thumb,
she just can't quite get it yet.  (*as proof in the video)

She weighs exactly 10 lbs and sleeps from about 10pm to 4-5am regularly.

(*as a sidenote:  I can't believe how many people ask me if she is sleeping through the night.
Does anyone have a child that slept through the night at 2 months?)
I think 6 to 7 hours is good right?


Her brothers have changed her nickname
(have I mentioned our family is big on nicknames??)

from Queen of Cuteness and Sweetness (last month's title)
Sweet Angel Baby Princess
(because, Zion decided,
since Dad is the King,
and I am married to him,
I should be the Queen)
(I didn't get the cuteness and sweetness part though.)

The boys hold her and talk to her all the time.
It's adorable!
Sometimes they scare me - but most of the time, they are careful with her.

For the time I spend getting her to nap in her bed during the week -
the boys undo on the weekend.
But it's too cute to be upset about.
So I let them hold her as much as they want.

Maybe having a 10 year gap in the babies in this house
makes me really realize that the time is too short.

My baby boy holding my baby girl.....isn't that priceless?

Some people have asked if we are adopting Meleah.
We certainly would, but right now, she is still a foster child.
She is in the system, and the process is time consuming.
As with our foster son, Jonah - I can't give you details,
I just ask that you pray for paperwork to be completed quickly,
for all the details to be worked through,
and for the judges over the case to make their decisions based on what is best for Meleah.
If they feel that our family is the best fit for her, then we will happily be her forever home.

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  1. Meleah is adorable! As for sleeping through the night, I considered anything over 5 hours "through the night". Five hours of uninterrupted sleep was priceless. Prayers that you will be Meleah's forever mom and family.