Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Seahawks basketball

For years, people have asked Michael if he plays basketball.

Mostly, I assume, because he's tall,
and maybe, sometimes, because he is tall and black.

He has always been a soccer boy.
I have never seen him dribble a basketball in his life.
(*other than when he was about 3)

This year, he said he was going to play basketball.
I wonder if he was only interested in playing because he has friends on the team.
That's my first guess anyway.

He made the team -
and I think mostly for the tall part mentioned above.

In regards to rebounding the ball - maybe the theory is:
re-shoot (offense)
or pass to a teammate (rebounding on defense)
Thus, tall people are good for rebounding....
But there is certainly a lot more to basketball than that.

The first game was Monday.

Michael didn't get to play much.
But he did get a rebound and 2 points from it.

I have NO IDEA how to take photos of indoor sports.
My pics are terrible.
(*I have sent a message to my photographer cousin for help)
The best ones are actually from a practice game and just a couple from
the real game that are even worth posting.....

Here they are:
(*Michael is #30)
(practice game / white jerseys)

Oh, and silly me:
The Seahawks dominated the game.

Good job guys!


  1. *Forgot to mention the last time he did dribble a basketball at ~3yrs old, he told Mike "watch this" and proceeded to dribble it... alternating hands & elbows.