Friday, January 20, 2012

Foster Care update

It's been four weeks today since our family became the "Brady Bunch".

3 boys, 3 girls - and only 2 of the 6 with the same genetics.

We have three different nationalities represented
and at least that many shades of skin.


My life is crazy / busy and the dishes and laundry are NEVER done -
but everyone is happy and mostly healthy
and we are rolling with the punches when they come.

We were able to get approval from the judge and the district to put the
girls in school with our boys at the Department of Defense School,
McCool Elementary/Middle on base.
They are in first and second grades and adjusting well to the first week.

Life is easier with everyone
in the same place,
on the same bus,
on the same schedule.

The girls got to visit their parents last weekend and that really helped lift their spirits.
We have also visited with their brother who was our first foster child last spring.
Please pray for this family to  get all their things in order to have their family together.

Meleah continues to be a love.
She is rolling over both ways and has discovered her feet.
They are her favorite thing to play with.
Babies make it look so easy to get your foot to your head don't they??

Here are some special pictures for MawMaw and Papa Jack in Michigan.

Her first baby doll from MawMaw

Go BLUE!  from Papa Jack

The next court date for Meleah is Tuesday, the 24th.
Although we aren't sure, we assume that all the paperwork is in order,
and the judge will order that custody be shifted from foster parents to
the grandparent.   We thank you all for your love, support and prayers.
We ask that you pray for her still,
that she will grow to be a strong woman of God
and that HIS hand will follow her for all of her days.

And that one day, we will see her again.

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