Thursday, June 21, 2012

Black Drongos.....

I have mentioned before about the black drongos here on Guam that attack during nesting season.

The last thing on my mind when I am running and birds are diving at my head is capturing a video....

BUT......This crazy guy seems to think it's funny and filmed them...
so I thought I'd share the video for those who don't really believe that these birds are straight from Alfred Hitchcock!  (*maybe Hitchcock spent some time on Guam?)

and another crazy person (notice, they are both male ....just sayin')

Coming to Guam?
Don't let the birds stop you from running....invest in hats!


  1. Melda---this post cracks me up!! That second guy's location is on my running route---and those birds are making me SO mad. I've switched to treadmill running for now. One of my friends here runs w/a fly swatter.

  2. When I first came to Guam my sponsor at Andersen AFB told me that I should seriously consider carrying a tennis racket when I go running. 😂