Wednesday, April 10, 2013

PIC Guam - (part two)

I put up a few photos from the PIC in my post about running a half marathon...

(you can view them by clicking here)

If you are looking for a "STAY-cation" - here are some more photos of things to do at the hotel.

Kayak lake

room with a view

lu'au show stage

one of the MANY pools

GREEN tropical paradise!

Snorkeling pool

viewing windows in the snorkel pool

beautiful gardens and grounds (and Isaac too)

Mike and the girls after their snorkel 

Play area

keep up or jump in!

Tricia actually pulled this big kid off balance - it was excellent!

Isaac - sometimes, he's so 13!

Obstacle Course Area


It was a great weekend to have a good time -
and the bonus was that we didn't pay for it!

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