Tuesday, April 23, 2013

some things are hard....

I would be lying if I pretended that everything is always great...
and only posted the sunny side of life.

Some hard things have happened recently -

Personally -
On Guam
and Nationally as well....

Our last court date did not go as we expected - and we will be saying good-bye to the girls when we leave Guam at the end of May.  We have enjoyed being their parents and to say that we will miss them is not enough.  They have certainly become part of our family.  Please pray with us that they will thrive
back home with their parents.

As a runner, the bombings at the Boston Marathon really hit me.
My work-out group did a WOD (that's work-out of the day) in honor of those families affected.
It was called, "Marathon Monday"  - and it was a TOUGH work-out.
But it was nothing compared to the training it takes to run 26.2 miles.

Thinking about these things and more reminded me of a man named Dick Hoyt.  His story is amazing.
If you haven't heard of him - here are a few links you can use to learn about him.

The Story of Team Hoyt

A moving video entitled, "CAN" 

On the days that I really felt down - 
I was reminded of this dad, 
and it motivated me to realize,
nothing is too hard.  


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