Sunday, August 7, 2011

Zion's birthday

I wrote about Zion turning 5 here.

And the photos from his 10th birthday can be found here.

For Zion, personally, I just wanted to add:

You will always be the speical baby that grew in my tummy.

I love you for all the 'best' of your daddy and me that God gave you.

I love that you are good at math, like dad.

and that you love music as much as I do.

I love that you have dad's brown eyes and my nose.

I love that you are a little more outgoing like me, but that you do have a shy streak too.

I love you for your sense of humor and your sense of justice.

I love that you have been my baby boy for your whole life.

Happy Birthday Zion.

I love you!

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