Saturday, August 27, 2011

Meleah - one month old


Today you have been with our family for  little over 4 weeks.
It doesn't seem like a long time in some ways,
but you have changed so much.

You have gained almost 2 1/2 pounds and you now look like a baby
(*complete with chubby cheeks)
instead of a wiry newborn.

You have captured our hearts and we love you so much.

I have had the name Meleah Elizabeth picked out for my little girl for over 18 years,
so when you came to our family without a name, 
it seemed natural to call you Meleah.

Your brothers love you and have tons of nicknames for you.

Zion's proclamation that you are
"the Queen of Cuteness and Sweetness"
seems to be the title that has stuck.

They like to hold you and give you a bottle.

They talk to you in the sweetest little voices.

For me,
It feels like you have been in my heart for such a long time,
but I am just now getting to meet you.

No matter what the future holds for you - you will always be in my heart.

I love you little girl !
Meleah - 4 days old - July 31st

6 days old - August 2nd

August 27th - one month

One of our favorite poses of you -
You almost always sleep with your hands up like this.
We all think it's adorable,
and we say that you are Praising the Lord!
He is worthy of all our praise!


  1. Oh Melda!!! I am so happy for you. My heart knows those longings, I love to see yours fulfilled. She is beautiful. I wish I could give her a squeeze myself, but one from mom on my behalf will more than suffice.

  2. Sweet Meleah, you are so precious! All of the Birkenfelds love you and are praying that we get to meet you one day!!