Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Family visits!

Well....The Thornton tribe has lived on the ROCK since July of 2010 - a little over two years.

After our failed attempt at a MAC flight this summer - my mom caved in on her plan to NOT fly "all the way to Guam" and booked a ticket very shortly after we gave up our attempt and made my step-dad agree to tag along and pull her suitcase   visit the island rich with WWII history.

They left this morning after a two week stay.

I'm not sure they had a vacation really....with all the chaos that is the normal in our house,
but we did enjoy their visit and had a great time having them here.

A few snapshots:

For our first day, and tour around the base - I thought maybe they shouldn't feel so far from home.
So we went to Nap's....

Another day - Molly McGee's on base
for some Irish Pub Grub

  And then after they had a chance to catch up on sleep and get the island feel....

It was out to Jeff's Pirate Cove for some family
fun in the sun and a little FEISTA dinner,
Guam style.

Red rice and chicken kelaguen.

If you notice a theme here around food....



On the way to

Jeff's Pirate Cove,

we toured around the south side of the island,

I was totally stunned when my mom said she wanted to get on the carabao -

but she did, with the help of Big John at Fort Soledad.

We stopped at Inarajan Pools with a swimming break for the kids

(who were sick of the "history lesson")

Michael and Papaw solving the world's problems with a beautiful backdrop.

They also did some touring on their own while the kids were at school.
They saw three of Michael's cross-country meets and one of Isaac's soccer games.
My mom did a lot of dishes, laundry and homework help.

They are heading to Hawaii for a week before heading back to Alabama.
But the room is available for the next guests.....who's coming?

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