Monday, September 24, 2012

Harvest Eagles Cross-Country

Way to go Eagles!


The team continues to run strong and will be finishing the season soon with an All-Island meet in a couple of weeks.  

A few more photos from last week. 
Harvest vs. Okkodo
Monday, September 17th

coming out of the jungle...
heading to the swamp's rainy season!

I just love this picture.....

final sprint

6th over-all - 5th in for Harvest

On Friday,  the team ran against George Washington High School.
You can see the newspaper report (if you hurry, I think it's only available for a week)
Isaac also had a soccer game - so I went to his game and Michael had to ride the school bus.
Sometimes as a mother of 5 - you just can't be everywhere at the same time no matter how hard you try.  

Photos of soccer coming soon!  

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