Friday, October 12, 2012

Running update and "The BEAST"

I haven't posted a running update since July -

so here it goes.

On August 6th, the ladies that are part of the running group on base convinced me to sign up for a half marathon.  (okay, actually, in true women fashion, the kicker was that the first 100 people got a "free" shirt)....never mind that the registration was $30, it was a "Dri-fit Training Shirt"!!   So in a moment of some form of IMPULSE shopping, I dug out my credit card and registered online.

and then for a week I was walking around thinking....





So are my August and September stats as I ramped up the mileage and trained for the 1/2.

We did a couple of races to get us ready for competition -

On September 1st - I did the Two Lovers Point race.  It was 8.6 miles.

The following Sat. was the 9.11 run (*9.11K - is about 5.6 miles)

and then, the runs that are the most fun - the relay race,


Our team of 10 ladies had a great time spending the day together,
encouraging each other -
laughing -
sucking wind (that was me)
and leaving a little of ourselves all over  the island of Guam.
(runners will get that, others, maybe you will have to think about it)

I love these ladies and how SMOKIN' HOT they are in make-up and heels,

but what I love the most about them is when they are pushing themselves to the limit.

they are

they are

they are


My favorite thing to say in our group is:

"Well behaved women seldom make history!"  (*by Laurel Thatcher Ulrich)

We came in second in the female division and 11th or 12th overall.
(for some reason, I can't open the links?)
I don't know, someone tell me our time!  (*results - click here)

Here are some photos from the day!

Erin's rainbow!

Emily - smoking the men 


hand off to Diane

Jaime coming out of the MUDDY jungle leg

hand off to Emily

Emily had a tough hill,
but of course, she smoked it!

Tough second leg for Erin too -
I think of all the morning legs of the race -
she had the most sun
(not a good thing!)

the two with the biggest smiles are DONE!
Good job Emily and Erin

Lisa had a hot second leg too....good job!

Lisa to Tricia - these ladies,
for real - they ROCK!

We think Shea was trying to beat the car
she BOOKED down this hill

Hand off of LEG 20 - the last one!
Jaime kicked it in to home for the 2nd place victory!

(left to right - Lisa, Sara, Shea, Diane, Emily, Tricia, Erin, Jaime and Melda)

The only bummer of the whole day is that we never got a picture of all 10 of us together.

Of course, during the race, one person was always running - and after the race - we had one member (Jane) who had already gone home to attend her son's soccer game.

But aside from that one issue, the day was AWESOME!

(*oh yeah, the half marathon, Sunday, October 14th....
of the ladies above,
I think the five on the left are all doing it too -
looking forward to running alongside (okay, BEHIND) these ladies on Sunday!)

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