Friday, October 5, 2012

McCool Middle School Soccer

 Isaac is on his own this year without big brother's shadow -
and he is making good on the family name.
He is a great defender and speedy too.

The first game was a rainy one and I was on the road picking up Michael from cross-country.

The Seahawks beat the Andersen Dragons 6-0.

Second game was a beauty and I probably got a little carried away with the photos.
(*I'll condense)

What happened to my OTHER little boy?  

White uniforms - on Guam - during rainy season
A man ordered those I'll bet......
a man that doesn't do laundry.

We call these photos the CHASEDOWN -  Isaac is totally plottin' on that boy right here.....
getting past him.....
and getting in front to kick it out of bounds.....
that is classic Michael right there.
Just sayin'

Our coach is super dedicated to these kids....
I mean, seriously, she has her own kid on her back!

The boys won the game 4-0.

The third game of the season was on Tuesday, the 25th of September against Harvest.
(Yes,  the same Harvest that Michael goes to - Isaac played against his best buddy, Josiah.)

Harvest Eagles took that game.

another chase down....
love it!

The team continues to do well -
they are 5-1 with a few more games to go.

Good job Isaac


Good job Seahawks!!

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