Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sports shift

Well,  Isaac finished up his last two soccer games
and Michael ran in the All-Island Meet for cross-country.

Starting next week,
Michael will be doing soccer and Isaac will be doing cross-country.

So expect more of the same in the way of pictures....just switch the boys.

Zion and the girls have been troopers to spend MANY hours in the van back and forth
to practices, meets and games.

Doing lots of homework in the van too.

Kudos to all the little brothers and sisters out there that spend their lives on the sidelines.

Your turn is coming!


Isaac got a good bit of playing time in the last two games.

They finished the season at 6-2

Great job Seahawks!!

Love this photo of the boys praying before the meet - amazing!

First Harvest runner - Kyle

Joe Cook - son of our dearest friends here on Guam

Our pastor's son,  Levi

one of Michael's swim team buddies
and son of friends

the son of Michael's coach - Andrew

so many people in the pack that Michael came in with.....

my photos are just horrible!  SO BUMMED!

most of the team with their super muddy feet!

Although they were undefeated in the regular season,
they couldn't pull off the numbers somehow at All-Island and came in 3rd.

Congratulations Eagles!!!

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