Friday, December 9, 2011


The Thornton boys rocked the first quarter of 4th grade / 6th grade and 8th grade.
They all made honor roll and we are very proud of their hard work.
Keep it up guys!

4th grade doesn't do an assembly - no photos of Zion, but we are still proud.

Mike went to the 6th grade assembly to support Isaac because Meleah had visitation.
(*thanks babe)

Here is the Blackberry version of his progress.

And Michael's assembly -
because, for some crazy reason they can't do them on the same day.
Although, this time, worked for me since I had the previously mentioned appointment.

I encourage you to pay attention to who you kids hang out with.
I think it's a good sign if your son's friends are on the honor roll.
You can't be a complete loser and still make honor roll....just sayin'

So - here are a few shots of Michael's friends -
which I won't name just in case they are in a witness protection program-
Guam would be a good place to hide from bad guys-
no one would want to fly 20+ hours to come find you.....again, just sayin'

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