Saturday, December 31, 2011

Just sayin' (volume 1)


I went to the Navy Exchange on December 30th
and they were putting out
stuffed animals for Valentine's Day.

I think that's crazy -  (*Just sayin')

stop the madness

Are we so consumer crazy that we shop for Valentine's Day
at the "After-Christmas Sale"?

And summer clothes at Valentine's Day?

and Halloween at the 4th of July sale?

And Christmas at Halloween?

It appears that we are.

Personally, I am really trying to scale down.
(*for the record, I was at the Navy Exchange getting Michael's contacts,
not shopping for things I don't need)

Who remembers "Little House on the Prairie"? 

Remember......they got a new dress for Christmas that their mother made by hand
and they wore it every Sunday to church?

And ...they also got a peppermint stick?

What happened to being
and grateful 
for every day needs being met?
For having food on your table?
And a roof over your head?

If you gave most American kids clothes for Christmas -
they would probably throw the box back at  you.

They expect that they can have a new name-brand shirt
every week
when you go to the mall. bottom line is this:

As you clean out closets and dressers to make room for all
your Christmas loot -
seriously consider the difference between need and want.

If you have things to get rid of -
please consider giving them to a shelter / children's home
of some kind instead of a re-sell shop.

There is need out there.
REAL need - 
not want.

Three of our four foster children had never slept in a bed
before they came to live with us.

Think about it.

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