Thursday, December 29, 2011

Just sayin'


Starting in 2012,  I will have a new blog theme called,

"Just sayin'

You know,

Don't beat around the bush

Say it like it is

Plain talk is easy understood

You are playing the devil's advocate

and my personal favorite - Just sayin'

My friend Megan would beat me to it sometimes,
when I was on a little rant about something -
she would add to the end of my rant, "just sayin"

Yeah - JUST SAYIN' don't have to agree with me.
I'm cool with that.
But don't be snotty either.
(not cool with that)

I'm American and I still have free speech
If I don't like the President, I have the right to say so
(that's just an example)

Although, apparently, (if you didn't hear)
You can't say you don't like the Governor of Kansas.
You can read that story here....

I could rant about that story for a while....
but I'll save it for the boring,
post-Christmas days
of January



  1. Dont you love how 'just sayin' or 'bless her heart' are like magic? For could say 'oh poor mary Ellen, did you see that baby she just had? He's so weird looking!! Bless her heart!'. Or 'you are such a moron, I can't believe your parents let you out of the house without a helmet. I'm just sayin'.'. Or even 'Hawaii sort of sucks a d maybe I didn't realize how nice Guam was. Just sayin'.'