Saturday, December 3, 2011

Seahawks Soccer

I won't lie - I still have a few more Saipan photos and a couple cool videos...

but since life has moved on,

and I am back to the laundry pile

the mom taxi

and the Christmas season is in full swing ....

I'll skip it for now.

Maybe I'll use them for a Friday Photo Flashback when life is uneventful.


Michael and Isaac missed a soccer game while we were in Saipan,

so the photos below are from their 3rd game.

The score wasn't pretty -
so bad, that I can't bring myself to type it.

But all the boys played hard and didn't give up when the chips were down.

I mean,



Shameless personal bragging on my own kids below:

This boy is on Tsunami swim team with Michael
but out of the water - they aren't teammates
so - I have some satisfaction in Michael burning him on this one
I know, it's not good sportsmanship, but I'm honest

More bragging:
Michael ROCKED the timing on this header
The ball was going RIGHT in the top of the goal
and he jumped up and headed it over the top
ONE LESS SCORE - it was ugly enough anyway

FINALLY - a couple good shots of Isaac
This is probably his last game
The ALL-STAR game will be mostly 8th graders I am sure

He saved it from going out - got it turned around

and back in the direction of our goal


So proud of my growing boys - trying not to think about Michael playing soccer in HIGH SCHOOL next year....


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