Friday, May 4, 2012

Academic Fair

CDR. William McCool Elementary / Middle School 2012 Academic Fair

I love that the school has a special night to come and see work from each child on display in one place (the cafeteria)   It's much easier for a mother of five than going from class to class.....

(*Just sayin')

First grade - TC's report
Zion's class - some interesting writing pieces....

Science class - water bottle rockets

Isaac's rocket (thank you Lord I'm married to an engineer)

Michael's project - using our dog Mia as a tester for dog toys

That's a sweet dog!

Isaac's report on Ancient China

Zion's class presented as a "Wax Museum"They each had to pick a historical person and memorize a first person speech about them.
You walked up to the student and pressed the button on the floor to hear
the "wax statue" tell about himself.
Honest Ab
Ben Franklin

Rosa Parks
Sir Isaac Newton

The middle school students had a "hands on" timed challenge
to use recycled items to build a rocket.

Isaac's rocket in action......(*many test flights and many modifications)
Did I already mention how thankful I am that Mike is an engineer??

A good night - Thanks McCool!

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