Sunday, May 6, 2012

cinco de mayo

While Americans celebrate big the 4th of July - our Independence Day,
we also celebrate for Mexico too!

Few Mexican cities celebrate this day (story link above)
and I doubt many Americans know the significance of the Battle of Puebla.  

Nonetheless,  American schools use it as a chance to teach about Mexico and it's culture
and I use it as an excuse to eat Mexican food - which is, my favorite!

Friday afternoon - TC and the other first graders had a performance at the school.
This is a child that loves attention and being in the center of it.
She was smiling non-stop and loved dancing around in the full skirt.

On Sat. there was a swim meet - so there was no time for Mexican food.

Michael and Zion both took time off their events.
50 free and 100 free for Michael.
50 free, back and breast for Zion.

Zion took 7 seconds off his 50 breast

time out at the meet for a crab in the pool - OOG!

50 back

50 free - Personal best - 28 (something) seconds.
AA time!  Good job Michael!

swim season is almost over -
It's getting hot with no breeze!
Final A/B championship
Memorial Day weekend
Zion is done - in more ways than one!

Good season boys!

Sunday was the cinco de mayo fiesta - the Cook family came down and there was good food and good friendship.  Missing the Scotts -  who are regulars at family events.  We will be accepting applications for their replacement soon.  It takes special people to hang out with us crazies!  

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