Thursday, May 17, 2012

This is life....

Well, the blog has been a little low on posts lately - but things aren't really that hoppin' here.

Some of you know, I did have a birthday - it was fine.
Thank you for all the post on Facebook.

Mike took the day off and we went to breakfast after the kiddos left for school.

I had dental surgery the next day - so I spent most of my birthday making sure things were in order.

Laundry / dishes - you know the drill.

The surgery was supposed to be for a dental implant - but the bone needed to be grafted first to support the implant -  so.... I have a 4 month healing time and then we do it again in September.

Over Mother's Day weekend - I mostly took pain medicine and naps - which, actually - wasn't a bad gig.
Mike and Isaac went diving Sat. and I took the little people to see the Lorax at the base theater.
Sunday after church we went to the pool and out to dinner.   The foster girls' mom and siblings came to
church for Mother's Day.  It was very special and I was able to get some good snapshots.

The kids all made 3rd qtr. honor roll and I went to the assembly (ies) - but didn't take my camera.
They also got their results for standardized testing as well- most all scores rated above average.

Oddly enough - all three boys are in the same reading range.  I'm not sure if that's because the younger two always want to read whatever Michael is reading or just how it played out in testing this year.
I am going to do a post in a few days on the recommended summer reading list and see who has heard of / read / could recommend anything on the list - just 'cause - I can no longer keep up with PRE-reading their books for content like I did when they were younger.

A lot of military already moving / leaving the island - even though we have four weeks of school left.
It could be my imagination - but it seems like the work load (ie, homework) has decreased with the population of people.

In addition to saying good-bye - we are also starting to say hello - new neighbors behind us and a new family in the CEC (Civil Engineer Corp Wardroom)

We are also on countdown for a HOPEFUL military flight to visit family this summer.

Cross your fingers and say your prayers.

We are "on the list" for Space Available military flights going to Hawaii and then to CONUS.
We are hoping to get as close to Alabama as possible - and then rent a car, take a train or something to get us to my mom's house.

Anyone with SPACE "A" info. / tips - I'm open for any and all suggestions.

I hope everyone is enjoying their transition into summer and all the fun that summer brings!

Blessing from Guam to friends and family everywhere!

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