Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Love you Scotts!

Saying good-bye to dear friends is, by far, the hardest part of military life.

The packing / unpacking /repacking
 / purging / reorganizing,
new schools,
new dentist,
records and papers,
driving across the country,
or shipping a car across the ocean
.. .... all pales in comparison.

Knowing this guy 14 years ago as a single dude....
and then getting to see him again here in Guam,

getting to know his wife,
his daughter
and watch them add a son to their family,

Such a blessing!

Lots of love to Laurie, Anita, Ally and Tony
from the Thornton Tribe

Make your own pizza night at the Thorntons

half-time at one of Michael's soccer games

pre Seabee Ball Ultimate

Seabee Ball 2011

Perimeter Run 2011

430 am - aren't we excited!  

Little man arrives

Gym buddies - like we thought we could work out with 2 month olds??

Soccer Time!

Hail and Farewell at Bruce and Christine's 

Halloween 2011

Birthday time!

November 2011

beach fun at GabGab with the gang

HO! HO! HO!  

Christmas Caroling (attempt)

Isaac and Laurie's bowling party
(da boyz, minus Tony)
Crashing Jeff's place!

"da girls"  (minus Annie)

Monday morning play dates at Auntie Melda's 

This is classic - rainy Guam day - plan B - including beer and the statement, "I can still break dance"

Ally's Christmas Performance

Tony digging the tunes too.....

Tony and Mia

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