Tuesday, May 1, 2012

CEC Hail and Farewell

For those who don't know....

the division of the Navy that Mike is in is called the Civil Engineer Corp (CEC).

Yes, he's an engineer - and so are all the dudes (and gals) that are in our active-duty wardroom.

It makes for a huge increase in average IQ at any gathering and many a conversations that are way over my head by the third sentence.

ANYWAY....moving on.

Saturday after the Perimeter Run - we had a Hail and Farewell - welcoming a couple of new guys (hail) and saying good-bye (farewell) to seven.  While it's always good to gather with our Navy family, saying good-bye to such a large group is hard.  Our wardroom is our Guam family and they will all be missed.

We wish them the best in their new duty stations and hope to see them all again.

Fair winds and following seas friends.

thankfully.....Ops is smiling.  

Proof that Ops and Donald Brus are actually two different people - thanks Donald!  
Another Gu-amazing Day!

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