Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Beach House

The beach house has been Mike's home for the last year. 

 It has been a great place for him.                     

 In the middle of nowhere with the ocean for his backyard.   

 Right up his alley.

Although we call it the "beach house" it really is the "REEF" house.........there is no sand / no beach.  
Just rocks / and reef / and critters (*more on that another day)  
If you can see Merizo on the map,  that's where the house is.   

The area that says, "Lockwood Terrace" is part of the base where Mike works.  

The middle of the island is mostly there are no roads that go from Merizo, across the island to the other side.  The only way to get to the base, is to go around the perimeter of the island.  So, it takes a while to get anywhere from the beach house er...........reef house.       

This is the main reason that we are moving to base housing. 

If you can see Santa Rita on the map, that is the housing area that we are moving too.   We will be closer to Mike's office, the boys' school, friends and the base in general (for bowling, or movies, or gas, or groceries).
The beach house was a great vacation spot for Christmas break and for our summer break.

 There will be lots of things we will miss about the beach house.

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  1. We lived on Cocos St in Apra Heights. Our front yard was overlooking Naval Station and Apra Harbor. I think where you are moving to is the Officer Housing they were building we were there.