Friday, August 27, 2010

Familiar Faces - The Gillam Girls

Maddy - just hangin' out!
Almost our entire summer o' fun has involved the Gillam Family.

We were stationed with them in Panama City Beach Florida for just a few months in 2004. They lived behind us there, and we spent many weekends together with them and the Lewis family.

The Gillams and Lewis' both have girls, so it didn't seem a natural fit at first, but all the kids got along beautifully.

Even 6 years later, it is amazing how the kids have just picked up their friendship.

And a big added bonus is that the parents enjoy each others company as well!

Kevin shares Mike's love of the Guam oceans and Sam and I are happy to sit on the shore with snacks and sunscreen while they explore the ocean with the kids!

(*if I knew how to add links - I would add one here from the Gillams blog of Kevin and Mike's "big boy" snorkle trip)

We have also enjoyed sharing birthdays together as well as

the bowling alley,

pizza dinners

and many, many FREE movies on base.

The biggest downside is that I am usually so busy chatting it up with Sam that I don't take many photos.

I do have these few from a park playdate to share........*

*mostly because Sam was at work  :(  and I wasn't talking for a change!~

Maddy and Isaac saving the world
 (they have the deepest conversations for 10 yrs old)

Zion and Ellie (so cute right?)

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  1. So now I can see how much fun you all have while I am at work! :P Thanks Melda for posting all the great photos! The Gillam Girls are adoring their time with the Thornton Boys- gotta make sure we can plot playtime for them once school starts.... why don't you come on over for coffee and we can chat about it! :)