Sunday, August 29, 2010

Last summer outing - Spanish Steps

So our last Saturday before school started was spent at Spanish Steps with the Gillams.  It is an area on the Navy base that is said to have been a water source for the Spanish settlers in the 1700's.  There are very few "Spanish Steps" left, maybe 5 or 6 stones along the trail that look "step-like".  The rest of the hike down to the water is just a rugged trail.  A couple areas that required some crawling / climbing type skills.  At some point, someone has tied a few ropes to trees to use going up or down.  They are helpful.  The boys all had snorkle gear to take down, so I was left with the job of taking water / snacks.  I decided not to take my big camera...........just cause, more to carry / sand in my nice camera (not good) what if I stumbled and cracked it on something..........Mike would be really annoyed at my clumsy gene at work.

So.........a couple photos at the top of the hike. 

great friends!  Maddy, Zion, Isaac and Ellie

And some really bad photos from my phone from the bottom.

Mike did take his underwater camera, so I will try and talk him into doing a "guest blogger spot" soon and post the fish photos.  

forced photo of Michael who has decided he is "too cool" to pose for a photo by his mother.
If you get a chance, "Google" Spanish Steps Guam.  It really is beautiful.  (again, I'd include a link if I had any idea how to do it..............sorry!)

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