Tuesday, August 3, 2010

a little more about Mia

for the dog lover's out there...........

Mia is adjusting to island life.

She likes to go out on the boat ramp and chase the crabs back into the water.

She never catches one..........and she will NOT go in the water, even for the love of crabs.

The neighbors chickens are another story however..........

Here on the south side of the island, almost everyone has their own chickens.

They just CLUCK around in the yard, and sometimes wander over.

It was about 6 or 7 days before Mia caught sight of a chicken in the yard.

She quickly took chase.

And now, she has NOTHING on the brain but chickens, everytime we take her out.

So, Mia is on lease restriction in the yard now.

Although someone told me that their dog killed a chicken,
and it only cost him $15 to settle with a neighbor. 

I'd rather not deal with that.

We are moving out of the beach house next weekend and into base housing.

I don't think you can have chickens in base housing............but we shall see. 

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